Thursday, February 21, 2008

STUDIO: sketchbook process_exteriors

STUDIO: sketchbook process_interior

Quick interior sketches along with some dimensions for rooms in the space.

STUDIO: sketchbook process

These are sketches that I did at the beginning of my process to get a feel for what i wanted the exterior to look like.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

iAR 212: Nostalgic Remix

Nostalgic Remix is inspired from "grandmas antiques". I thought this graphic tee shirt was very interesting because it has a pattern not typically found on a tee shirt on it. The lacy pattern is reminiscent of patterns found on older evening gowns for tablecloths.

iAR 212: Retro Modern Graphic Design

"Retro Modern" Graphic design is a modern version of 1950's contemporary design. It utilizes bold colors and shapes

iAR 212: Pop Art Graphic Design

There are two main ways to do pop art. One being a more cartoon/comic book style, and the other is usually related to Andy Warhol's work. The Andy Warhol style as well as the comic book style both utilize bold colors and images.

iAR 212: Bauhaus Graphic Design

The bold color and simple shapes of this design makes it a good Bauhaus example. There isn't an extravagant layout or graphics, however it is still an image that gets your attention. You can tell the layout was carefully considered and images were strategically placed.

Monday, February 11, 2008

IAR 212- Ad: Original Pictures

Our assignment was to take pictures of a man-made object and a nature-made object. Then we were challenged to manipulate the images into an ad.