Saturday, November 20, 2010

Consensus 11/19/10

sketch showing how the circulation desk is going to connect the whole building, we haven't decided on a single unifying element right now but it will span across the whole building.

After our presentation at O'Brian-Atkins as a class we knew we needed to come to a consensus on some of our design concepts. So we decided our main design drivers were Lifelong Learning, Community, sustainability/cradle to cradle, and also designing in way that would encourage inter-generational learning.
We also need to relate the interior of the space to the exterior of the library (i.e what interior architecture is!)
We also came to a consensus that the central circulation desk should somehow be the unifying element for all the spaces.  However, there was some debate as to what the circulation desk should be, should we just have a 'book bar' instead of a fixed desk??
current cad plan we're all working off of, you can see the unifying band that runs through the building.

Friday, November 19, 2010

11-17 O'Brian/Atkins informal review: Multipurpose / Amphitheater Space

Floorplan as of 11/17/10
Above is the floor-plan as we had it designed to present to O'Brian - Atkins, with the left being multipurpose/amphitheater as well as, the offices.  The center is an atrium that connects and is a pause between the two sides of the library.  The right side is the stacks, computers, kids/teens area.
These are the 3 pdf's that my group - multipurpose/amphitheater,  presented today at O'Brian/Atkins for a pre-final informal presentation.
Materials:Furniture and Wall Options
Materials: textures and finishes

Circulation Diagram

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sections; building design

These are the sections the group I was apart of did for our part of the building design.  I was in a group with Lilly and Missy, we made these sections in Revitt.
Section cuts
North to South Sections
East to West Sections