Sunday, September 26, 2010


Sketch Models

These are photo's of my sketch models.
-The top is a close up of my proposed dropped ceiling, I fell in love with this shape.
-The middle photo models (from left to right); wall heights in relation to one another with dropped ceiling, seating model, a model that explored color, wooden slats model (which I later decided not to use in my final design), the last is a model to explore material in the best way to make a curved wall in my model.
-The bottom photo models (from left to right) dropped ceiling, the first scaled model of the space, Since I explored human dimension in space to extensively I made a model of close social space, the type of space that I was basing my design around, I felt it was important to model scaled dimensions of the human body in one of my sketch models, the last is an exploration of materials for the color that would be behind the glass in my design.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Reading Room; seating study

I also studied how one might sit while reading a book, these are a few of my sketches from that study.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Reading Room- Human Form Studies


As I was designing I shifted my focus to the human form. Its dimensions, personal space, and proximity to other people. Which led me to my final concept, Form Follows Function; the Human Form. All of my design decisions began to stem from this study.
The first drawing I sketched from the dimensions given in the book, HUMAN DIMENSION & INTERIOR SPACE by Julius Panero.
The second is a sketch model I made from clay that illustrates the "Human Ellipse", the model is also proportional to average human measurements.

Reading Room- process work

Original footprint of the art gallery with square footage. Theres also some sketches and floor-plans that were apart of my process in designing the space. Mostly hand-drawn but one image was created in photoshop by overlaying a sketch of the curved walls over a photograph of the current gallery.

Reading Room - precedent images

Some images that I found during my research that helped guide my designs.

Reading Room- process

These are all images that I considered while designing my reading room.

Reading Room iAR 411

Our first assignment for this studio was to design a reading room in or around the studio arts building on campus. I wanted to design mine in the art gallery thats located in the lobby of the building. Currently, the art gallery is somewhat of a wasted space. The doors are almost always so the space doesn't live up to its potential. Since the gallery is in-between the art side of the building and the interior architecture side all students could use it and would possibly build comradely between us as students. I began with an embracing concept but it slowly evolved into a concept that was centered around the human body's proportions in space.