Friday, October 5, 2007

Dragon Fire October 5, 2007

Our goal for my sister’s house is to allow the design to provide a welcoming, calming, and safe atmosphere while encouraging a positive outlook on life.

Today is my first day visiting the shelter where I’ll be staying for a while.
I’m excited and nervous at the same time.
Okay, I’m here and the place looks really nice from the outside.
It’s a uniquely constructed building, unlike the other plain shelters I’ve seen.
It’s time to see what the inside is like.
I walk into the lounge area and am overwhelmed with the sensation of being at home.
The room is suited perfectly for my son and me.
He points out how cool the recycled blue jean couches and curtains are.
He wants to take the pair he has on and make something with them.
I ask him if we could wait until he grows out of them, that shouldn’t take long.
I appreciate how resourceful they are by reusing the jeans; maybe they could let me in on a few tricks.
As we stroll into the kitchen my eyes are drawn to some very attractive cabinets.
I’ve never seen cabinets like these before.
They look like glass but feel more like plastic and they seem to have been dyed in a ray of beautiful colors.
This room is already one of my favorites,
it instantly raised my spirits.
There’s also fencing hanging horizontally from the ceiling used to hang pots and pans,
another resourceful idea.
Next we go into an office area,
another one of my favorites.
The room is sectioned off into private areas by using these dividers that look and feel a lot like the cabinets in the kitchen.
The dividers open and close by simply pulling them one way or the other.
This room will be perfect for when I need to do my schoolwork.
I’m about to be starting high school so I’m sure I’ll have a lot.
Finally I make my way over to our room.
It’s very nice and already has a few decorations.
There are several lamps hanging that are made from that same plastic-glass material I saw earlier in the kitchen and office.
They’re so cute and look like they came straight out of the 50s.
This place is amazing and I’m so blessed to finally have a place for me and my son to call home.