Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Assignment 4.0 Site Analysis

The first project we had to begin our designing of the Vance Chavis Library was a Site Analysis. As a group we were asked to study the solar orientation, vehicular/pedestrian circulation,historical context of the Library, as well as, the figure ground,scale/massing. I focused on the Solar Orientation and the scale and orientation of the spaces that are currently in use in the library.  The first 2 images are what I created based on my studies of the building's solar orientation.  The third and fourth images are the final boards my group presented.  The last image is the diagram I created based on the spacial adjacencies that are in the current building in which the library is housed.  The main thing I took away from this assignment is how important light is in a building and how poor the quality of natural light the current building is getting.  Also, I realized how blocked off all the spaces in the current building are.  There needs to be an open floor plan that allows for free flowing spaces.

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