Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vance Chavis Library - Site Design Charrette 10/08/10

Overlapping rectangular buildings with a courtyard within the interior of the building and have parking on west side.
Entrance on North East Corner.

square shaped plan with parking on the west side of the building.
Entrance on the North East Corner

As a class we did a design charrette during class on friday october 8th.  My group came up with three ideas for building shape and orientation on the land available to the library.  An L-shaped library, a square library, and then 2 overlapping rectangles.  My group thought the entrance would be best on the North East corner of the building because of the main roads that would trickle into Lee street from that direction and it would keep the entrance on the corner of benbow and lee street.
Current site design diagram  based on what was brought to the table during our design charette.
  As a class we decided on a more "urban" type design, specifically for the parking.  The parking would be behind the building so that the library would be right up against the sidewalk and the street.  Wanted to keep the square footage around 15,000 feet because that is the average size of the libraries that have already been remodeled in Greensboro.  

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