Friday, October 22, 2010

Site Plan Charrette & Design

sketch I did of the front of the library, rendered in photoshop

Sketch of the back of the library, rendered in photoshop

Current Site Plan, we took our square footage from 15,000 sq. feet  to approximately between 10,000 and 12,000.  The curved right side would have a glass curtain wall and that would be where the stacks are located.  The left side is our "solid" side and it has office space, a meeting room, and some utility space.  

We hashed out a lot of ideas today during class and collectively decided to move forward with the design that Sara and Maiken's group had proposed but obviously tweaking it a little.  The main concept we took from their design was having a central circulation area with two wings that would branch off from that central atrium.  We also played with ceiling heights and areas jutting out of the building.  We want to have parking in the back as well as a green space dividing the parking and the library itself.  
A sketch I did based on the site design charrette.  

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